Sacred Self Pleasure

self study guide

A reclamation of the sexually sovereign queen you were born to be.

Practices, lessons and guides to awaken your sexual vibrancy and confidence through the art of self pleasure.

  • Learn how to touch your body like a total bad ass without the shame and stigma surrounding masturbation.

  • Learn how to connect to your body through the magic of self pleasure and redefine your orgasmic potential!

  • Learn about your own unique desires and turn ons to gain the confidence to ask for what you want in the bedroom.

  • Learn how to take your sexual satisfaction into your own hands and take back your power in and out of the bedroom.

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Let go of any limiting beliefs about sexual self pleasure that you have received from your family, your community, your friends, your partner, your church, your culture, your society and reclaim the magic of masturbation like the bad ass queen you were born to be.

Your sexual whole-y-ness is your birthright.

I believe...

The way we self pleasure is the way we make love and that when we self pleasure in a completely disconnected way like we've been taught to do that we also make love in a totally disconnected way.


That the answer to truly loving ourselves is through our pleasure and sexual sovereignty.


That juicy orgasms are available to everyone but we live with such shame and stigma surrounding our sexuality that we don't have access to all of the juiciness available to us. Sort of like the idea that we only use a certain percentage of our brains. Well, I believe we only use a certain percentage of our capacity to experience pleasure and orgasm.


I believe...


That learning to self pleasure supports you to feel confident in the bedroom because it helps you to discover what it is your truly desire and the courage to ask for it.


In the power of pleasure to fuel your life. Pleasure isn't just sexual in nature. Want to feel energized for your big night out? -Self pleasure. Want to feel magnetizing on your first date? -Self pleasure. Have a big deadline at work and lacking creativity and drive? -Self pleasure. Kids driving you insane?- Self pleasure. Want to love the skin you're in? -Self pleasure.


I believe that too easily we give our power away to others by projecting our sexual sovereignty on to them. Learning to self pleasure is an empowering reminder that our pleasure is our own and does not belong to anyone else.

In this self study guide, You will discover:

Holistic Sex Tools to support you in learning how to touch your body in a connected and empowering way.

Practices to support you in letting go of past experiences that made you feel like sexual self pleasure was shameful or dirty.

Lessons that support you in reclaiming your pleasure! We often give away our sexual agency and brilliance by projecting it on to others. In this self study guide you will take back the reigns of your sexual sovereignty.

Lessons on the redefinition of orgasm and guided self pleasure practices to support you in the exploration of your orgasmic potential! 

Supportive practices that help you to let go of negative imprinting around sexuality and past traumas so that you can begin to peel back the layers and reveal the original sexual wholeness within.

Pleasure practices that help you to define what feels good in your own body so that you have the confidence to ask for what you actually want in the bedroom!

About your guide-ess: Kristin Wright

Kristin knows the depths of the magic, the radiance, the freedom and the juiciness to life that exists when a woman connects to her body through the portal of her sexual sovereignty and pleasure.

She began this work through her own dismantling of sexual body shame and performance anxiety in the bedroom. Through the discernment of the bullshit messaging that exists around sexuality and the awakening of her own original sexual nature she tapped a deep well spring of authentic and genuine self love. The result, a revolutionized life in and out of the bedroom where not only was she having amazing, toe-curling sexual experiences but she was also experiencing freedom from body shame, food addiction and self loathing.

Kristin is trained as an Integrated Sex, Love, Relationship coach with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. She loves to work with folks 1 on 1 to revolutionize their lives in and out of the bedroom and she also offers a delicious 6 week Jade Egg Journey done virtually for women twice yearly.

When Kristin isn't cooking up luscious ways to revolutionize sex, love and relationships you can generally find her outdoors with her two dogs soaking in the nature or cooking up some sort of delicious nourishing soul food with her partner in crime.

"What People Are Saying"

Kristin is an incredible facilitator and incomparably passionate about what she offers in her work. She's designed a safe place for the unwinding of our old stories and creates space for us to step into our power and magnificence as the wild beautiful creatures that we are!

Cait Wilson

Kristin has an array  of wisdom and a toolbox full of techniques, talents and traditions which she draws upon effortlessly.

Caroline Bournos Diaco

It goes so much more beyond the self pleasuring aspect, it opens up the door for us as women to truly embrace ourselves and love ourselves.

I still have such a long way to go, and I find comfort knowing that I will always have access to Kristin's course.

Marie Stromsmoe

This guide is for you.....

If your only education about sex and self pleasuring has been through porn.

If you use alcohol to feel confident in the bedroom.

If you feel deep shame or have been deeply shamed about masturbating.

If you self pleasure in a completely disconnected way (aka you "rub one out" quickly and quietly).

If you don't touch yourself at all because you don't know what to do, or where to start.

If you struggle to experience orgasm during penetrative sex.

If you've ever wondered if there's more to sex than what you are experiencing.

If you feel shut down and turned off of sex because of traumatic experiences from the past.

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